Flick Fishing, Femalestuffs you must have

Posted by muhammad riza on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey female!?, this is one femalestuffs you must have if you are one of the users of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Flick Fishing, light gaming is a game that was adopted from the hobby of fishing, Flick Fishing provides a very pleasant entertainment to fill your leisure time. Surely you do, do not want to go through your fishing hobby, but without having to make a schedule for fishing is not it?. This is the answer, Flick Fishing. Like the fish, Flick Fishing presents an exciting fishing simulation on the platform that is embedded in your Apple gadgets.

First, Please download this application in the iTunes store, which of course you must first connect your device into the iTunes, if you do not have iTunes, you can download it here , then find Flick Fishing on the iTunes Store

How to play ?
Pick where you want to fish on the map by touching one of the floats. Each area has a difficulty rating and a different selection on fish to try and catch. To startwith, try the Old Pond, as it a nice and easy fishing spot for beginners and the fish are practically jumping out the water.
Once you have selected your fishingspot you can select what bait you want to use. Each fish prefer different bait. So. if you want to catch a particular type of fish, try and find what bait attracts it most.
The fish on this island aren't food snobs though, any bait you use will catch something, but the bigger fish are more picky.

Once you've selected your bait, you can cast the line into the water. If you are using the on screen cast button, hold the button until the distance meter hits the point you want to try and cast to than release.

If you are using flick casting, flick th iPhone, iPad forwards in a smooth motion (as if you were casting a fishing line).
You'll want to practise this as the smoother your cast, the further the line will go and the bigger fish tend to like hiding further away.

So, don't be wait! Get your fish out !

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