Blogger on iPhone, iPod and iPad apps

Posted by muhammad riza on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you a blogger? 
If yes, now you will more easily access the pages of your blog via the iPhone and iPad technology tools. 
As we care bloggers to you, now bloggers have created applications that can be used and operated on a platform that Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. 

Users can create an account on blogger and his blog can mengapdate easily. Support applications made by this blogger meet your online needs that have a high mobility rate but do not want complicated in the affairs of blog updates. 

Now you no longer need to open your laptop or PC and then connect to the Internet network that would require a long time. With High-end gadgets you have, now you can do so only in a matter of seconds. Please download this application in the iTunes store, which of course you must first connect your device to iTunes, if you do not already have iTunes, you can download it here 

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